Asbetents - Glovebags - Sampling - Kwikascreens - L-Doors - Smoke Machines

Product Catalogue:    

Asbetent system:

An airlock for entering/exiting asbestos removal work enclosures

Lightweight   Flexible   

Free Standing

ASBE Glovebags:

For the safe removal of asbestos insulation from horizontal, vertical and tee & valve pipe work

Sampling technology:

Tools and bags to facilitate easy sampling of suspect asbestos containing materials

Kwikascreens: The lightweight, versatile answer to all your screening problems
L-Doors: Professional and tidy doorways for restricting access into enclosures etc.

Smoke machines:

Reliable, high smoke output machines

Ordering Info:

All orders must be made through an account.  New accounts will be on a pro forma basis for the initial order. Invoice payments may be made by cheque or BACS.