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Kwikascreens British Patent no. 86 02724

 - The lightweight, versatile answer to all your screening problems -

  • Requires no tools
  • Quick and easy to assemble

This unique design allows you to isolate a working area from the rest of the room or building, preventing dust and dirt escaping.  Seals off the working area without damage to floors, ceilings or walls.  Can be used in ceiling heights from 2 metres to 3.5 metres.  It is a modular system, so it is easy to extend the frame to any length required by using additional kits.

Manufactured from aluminium, each kit contains top springs, thumb screw extendable legs, corner springs and horizontal/vertical extensions.

Kit contents:

  • 3 No. Top Springs
  • 3 No. Thumb Screws
  • 2 No. Bendy Springs
  • 9 No. Extensions

Top spring

These are the uppermost vertical poles that have a sprung connector to maintain rigidity (length 104cm)

Thumb screw

These are the vertical legs, and are telescopic with a range from 105cm to 195cm

Corner spring

This allows the screen to go around corners at any angle up to 150


These are used as the horizontal poles and can also be used to extend the vertical poles up to the height required (length 93cm)

The top spring pole and the thumbscrew connect together to form the vertical part of the frame, with the top spring to the ceiling and the adjustable thumb screw to the floor.  Each of these have plastic clips which hold the horizontal poles in place.

Polythene is used to form the screen around the frame.

An L-Door can also be used to form a door into the screened area, or an Asbetent airlock can be used.

The kit is constructed from aluminium and is extremely lightweight - a 3m kit weighs only 7 Kg.