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ASBE Glovebags (PVC) BRITISH PATENT NOS. 1 567 270 & 2 223 200


An innovation in the removal of asbestos lagging from pipework.  Work can be completed much more efficiently with this specially designed mini-enclosure.  

The Glovebag is a 'T' shaped crystal clear PVC bag with zippered top, glove access and shoulders for ease of fitting.  Each Glovebag has no bottom weld to maintain strength, and also has hose inlets and a tool pouch.

They are the most efficient way to strip asbestos lagging from almost any pipe:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Tee and Valve

Sizes range from 5" to 36" (larger sizes can be made to order).

To find the size you need, add 2" to the diameter of the pipe (including lagging).

There is also the option of an internal zip to isolate the waste in the bottom of the bag (these are made to order so delivery will be delayed).

ASBE Chutebags (PVC)


These are PVC Glovebags for use inside an enclosure to cut down or eliminate asbestos fibre levels in the work area.  These glovebags are similar to standard glovebags but have a chute in the bottom which is attached to an asbestos waste disposal sack by means of a drum and clip arrangement.    When the waste sack is full, it is twisted and tied to seal it. The waste sack is then released from the chutebag by unclipping the drum and clip.  A new waste sack may be fitted if required. 

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ASBE Poly Glovebags (Polythene)


Made from polythene (6 mil), these are packaged on a roll dispenser and are suitable for long runs of horizontal pipe work.  Safety features include:

  • No bottom welds
  • Water/vacuum hose inlets
  • Tool pouches
  • Glovesleeves

Additional Features:

  • Larger defined work area
  • Narrower, taller defined containment area able to cope with larger sections of intact pipe insulation (less breakage)
  • Containment area can be twisted and secured before removing glovebag from pipework

Sizes offered:


- up to 10" pipe diameter, 20 chambers per box

--Each chamber will remove between 42" and 54" of pipe insulation

--A box can cover a run of horizontal pipework from 42" to 90'



- up to 14" pipe diameter, 15 chambers per box

--Each chamber will remove between 48" and 60" of pipe insulation

--A box can cover a run of horizontal pipework from 48" to 75'



- up to 18" pipe diameter, 10 chambers per box

--Each chamber will remove between 54" and 66" of pipe insulation

--A box can cover a run of horizontal pipework from 54" to 55'

--Two sets of glovesleeves for ease of access


US PATENT NOS. 4,872,252 & 4,901,743

Tie straps

Tie Straps



To hold the bag in place, we also supply Tie straps which are sold in pairs and are easily secured over the shoulders of the Glovebags.

ASBE Saw: this is a handy tool for cutting the insulation off pipes inside the Glovebag.  Available in 15" and 24"