The Asbetent system offers a cost efficient and easy to use alternative to traditional wood and polythene enclosures. The Asbetent has a robust light weight aluminium frame which, unlike disposable wooden frames, can be erected in minutes and cleaned down for future use.

The three compartment Airlock system is erected in a straight line but can be extended using a fully compatible single cube unit.

All wall areas are constructed from white heavy duty virgin polythene to allow light to pass through while maintaining operative’s privacy.

Supplied with 3 self adhesive WARNING signs - you decide where to put them.

Ready cut door flaps, simply tape them over your chosen entry/ exit doorways. Two pre-cut internal doorways.


Triple Frame Components

A 8 No. Upright Sprung Poles

B 4 No. Male Horizontal Poles

C 4 No. Female Horizontal Poles

D 6 No. Small Horizontal Cross Bars


Framework Assembly

  1. First choose the entry and exit doorways according to the site location and cut them out. Two internal doorways are pre-cut.

  2. Insert the long sprung poles (A) into the vertically welded Asbetent seams.

  3. Insert the male/female poles (B&C) into the horizontally welded seams along the top and bottom of the Asbetent running from one end of the tent to the other.

  4. Along the top of the Asbetent place 4 of the six short horizontal crossbars (D). The remaining 2 should be placed on the outside edges of the base of the Asbetent.

The Airlock is now assembled.




Standard Asbetent Triple Airlock

Approx. 2700mm long x 900mm wide x 1900mm high

Cubicle Weight 4.5kg Frame Weight 8kg

Standard Asbetent Single Airlock

Approx. 900mm long x 900mm wide x 1900mm high

Cubicle Weight 1kg Frame Weight 5kg

One Metre Asbetent Triple Airlock

Approx. 3000mm long x 1000mm wide x 2000mm high

Cubicle Weight 6kg Frame Weight 10kg

One Metre Asbetent Single Airlock

Approx. 1000mm long x 1000mm wide x 2000mm high

Cubicle Weight 2kg Frame Weight 5kg